Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Standing firm on the truth in the battle

Since late Sunday night - there has been a battle! The weekend was glorious but I have found myself increasingly under 'enemy fire' - I was telling my husband this morning that I think that the enemy wants to knock me back down again.

But I have remembered something from an awesome sermon that Peter Day
http://www.peterjrday.blogspot.com/ preached on Sunday night - I would really encourage folks to listen to this! It is available from the following link for the 16th March and entitled 'Perseverance' - you will find it really helpful I am sure!
http://lans.strikinglysimple.co.uk/4wright.php?chinnor=Sermons/Talks&chosen=http://lansaudio.64asa.co.uk/uploads/peter16march2008pm.mp3&hook=off&marshall=&harper=1410&laura=15&bounce=no Anyway! The thing that I remembered is when he said something along the lines of

'don't let disappointment and the battle rob you of what you do know to be true.'

In other words when the going gets tough and the enemy comes in like a flood don't forget what you know to be true, what the Lord says in His Word, who He is like, what He has done.

Was reminded this morning in the face of the pelting to remind myself that He hasn't altered - He is the same God who came and touched my heart and melted me with His love over this weekend, He is the same God who reigns on high, who is exalted, who is King of Kings, totally majestic, awesome in power and mighty to save and to the pulling down of strongholds - He is the same God who is singing over me on a week day as He was over the weekend, He is the creator, sustainer and saviour of this World. He alone has made the way for me to be cleansed, healed, restored and forgiven - He is good and He is faithful and that will not alter or change - and right now I choose to stand firm in the battle on the truth!

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