Monday, 3 March 2008

Not about condition it's all about position in Christ

My husband and I are working through listening to a series of teaching that Rob Rufus gave on a website that we found, the web address is if you are interested and the sermons we are listening to are from December 1996.

Anyway tonight we listened to the second one and I have to say it was quite a revelation on a few things that he said - thought provoking and will make you ask questions; but as he explains if teaching makes you ask questions then that is a good sign as that is what the disciples did constantly with Jesus' teaching in the New Testament.

I think the thing that has really opened my eyes tonight is that I was born again into legalism, then I discovered grace and was liberated and now I am living with both grace and the law plastered all over my life - it is time to realise afresh that I am completely saved by grace - there is nothing I can add to my salvation (and nothing I can do to take it away either). Rob was so clear in his teaching and time and time again he states that we shouldn't be concentrating on our condition but on our position! Let me repeat that - we need to not concentrate on our condition (our sin, our rubbishness, our worthlessness), but on our position (we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, precious to Him, heirs, dearly loved, we are adopted) our position is an awesome one that I don't seem to have the words for..........

Rob quoted Corrie Ten Boom and I had to write this down - Corrie said this
"If I look at the World I get depressed,
if I look at myself I am unimpressed,
if I look at Jesus I am so impressed."

For those of us who struggle with infertility issues there is a big emphasis from the World on our condition - to be childless is a constant reminder of a condition that we would not choose, want or imagine would ever happen to us. If we remain looking at that condition it drives us downward and depresses us - but get this people - if we look at our position - now that is a whole new thing - to look at what Jesus has done for us, that we are seated with Him, ransomed, restored, forgiven - now that should lift our heads!

I think I am going to write the words 'position not condition' on my front door so that when I leave the house every morning I will see them. I may remain childless which is just SO SO SO hard but my life is hidden in Christ...............

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