Saturday, 1 March 2008

The first of many

OK ok ok...... after years of people telling me that I should blog here it is! In the last month several people have e-mailed me saying please start blogging and telling me to get started!

My blog is called 'From Head To Heart' reason being that I was brought up with loads of solid teaching and my head knowledge was all good....... now I am learning more and more that all that head knowledge needs to get into my heart - let God melt my heart afresh with His grace.

I am one of these people who likes to get things sorted in my head and I like to know what I need to do if you know what I mean - am in the process of learning that actually God's grace in some senses just doesn't make sense! I mean think about it for a moment - we mere humans deserve absolutely NOTHING, we are in fact only deserving of eternal damnation - but the King of Kings, the Creator, sustainer and ruler of the Universe loved us so much and saw what we deserved, so He made a way for us to be forgiven, restored and able to have a relationship with Him - yep you read right - the One who reigns on high, the totally awesome God has actually made it possible not only for us to be saved but to have a relationship with Him! WOW!
As far as the need to know what to do - only last week my pastor reminded me that there is in fact absolutely nothing that I can do to alter, add to or anything to God's grace - I just need to receive it! Now try getting your head round that!

Anyway this is my first post and if I remember or really work this out - there may be more!


Anonymous said...

Thnaks Nick for starting this Blog I pray that the Lord will fill you with his Spirit and Grace as you pour out what the lord gives you to say.

Peter Day said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!!

Let this place be an oasis of blessing, healing and glory!

Nick Cameron said...

Thanks Peter.
Look forward to a tutorial!