Monday, 28 July 2008

Surviving, striving - no more! Time for thriving!

Yesterday morning during the worship at Church there was a moment when we really broke through and you could tangibly feel the presence of God, it was like fresh air blowing over me and it was a moment of really intimate time with the Lord. For that moment I forgot where I was and even that anyone else was in the room and it was just me and my Abba.

I had a real sense of God speaking and I wrote this down as the worship carried on, this is what I felt God was saying to me:-
Not just to survive,
Not to strive,
But it is time to thrive.

I have been mulling this over along with some verses from Psalm 109 and some awesome stuff that Billy Graham has written and it all seems to weave together. I realised on reflection of that moment in worship yesterday that in recent weeks, months and perhaps even years I have been living just to simply survive. The masquerade, the mask of I am ok - all in place simply to get from one day to the next and at the same time there has been this huge effort to keep going, to make sure that things are in place - striving and striving simply to survive not even to grow or to move. Then the final line - time to thrive - I feel like I am on a threshold, on the edge of something taking place to move from just making it by - to growing, to flourishing, to thriving.

There is a mix of excitement and fear - excitement that God is going to bring me into a new season, fear that I will miss it and stay in the cycle of just surviving - I pray that it will all be God that He will do a new thing and will help me to move in step with Him into the new thing!

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