Friday, 4 July 2008

Draw Me Close To You Lord, help me know you are near.

Anyone that has read my previous recent posts will know that I have been on a journey recently - a journey of feeling that I know the direction that God is leading, the next steps as it were. There has been a sense of encouragement over various things and for a first time in a long time I have heard the Father singing over me after a period where I felt almost spiritually deaf and seemed unable to hear anything but the condemning voices - however there was a break in the darkness and a lightness in the atmosphere - awesome.

In the last few days it seems that it has been one thing after another that has pulled me down and reminded me that once again I need to ask my Heavenly Father to do a new thing, to come and ease things - there needs to be that tenacity that says even though things are tough and perhaps I am struggling I will still worship Him, I will seek His face, I will hold on to Him - noone else will satisfy. I was thinking about that song 'Draw Me Close To You.'
I know there are some folks that question the theology of this song but today it feels like my heart cry - that longing to feel His closeness again to know the Lord bringing me near and the request for the Lord to help me know that He is near, even in some of the difficult things that I face - just to know that He is nearby and that He cares about my tears and my hurts.
The chorus goes on to say 'You're all I want, you're all I've ever needed' and this in itself is a fresh declaration that in fact He is all I want, need, long for - none other will satisfy - noone else will do. At the end of the day - He is all I need, all I want - everything else is counted as loss in the light of who He is.............

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