Sunday, 21 August 2016

A God of 180 degrees transformation

during worship this morning I was struck once again by the amazing transformation God does. The comparison of where I was and what He has done for me. Amazing God!

A God of transformation...... Life changing. God of the 180 degrees turn around. From fear to confidence. From lost to found. From trapped to freedom. From weak to strong. From anxious to having a peace-giver. From death to life. From lack to plenty. From poor to rich. From rags to splendour. From pit to mountain top. He has done it all. From destined for punishment to liberated. From deserving wrath to overwhelmed with love. From the gutter to the throne room. From orphan to adopted. From not being allowed to enter to free, unhindered access. My heart broken to restored, healed, forgiven, redeemed, saved to life; life in freedom; life in abundance; life in confidence in all that my Saviour achieved for me.
He has done it all, won it all, achieved it all, sealed it all, completed it all. Mighty mighty mighty. Holy holy holy. Worthy worthy worthy.

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