Sunday, 3 February 2013

Addiction and Goodness

Recently it has felt a bit like my husband and I are encountering a mini revival with a hunger after God that we haven't known for a number of years.  It is like, as a friend of ours put it, we have been hibernating and we are awakening and everything now feels fresh, exciting and awesome.  During this period of hibernation I think it would be safe to say that there has been an element of screen addiction.  Trying to take up our thinking with other things either computer, TV etc etc so that we would not have to think about the tough stuff we were encountering.  This morning I really felt that God was telling me that we are moving from screen addiction to Saviour addiction! The longing for more of God, the heart aching for a fresh touch, for a new encounter, for a moment of knowing His nearness. 

This morning Nick Davis preached a powerful message at Southlands Church - it rung such a chord in my heart so much of what he preached echoed true with my experience and my heart.  I was so blessed.  But the prevailing thought that I have come away with is this cry for God to help me on my bad days, on the worst of days to let the goodness of God to be my song, my delight.  That I might be consumed by the truth of His goodness rather than the trial, situation or experience I am in!  God's goodness is not dependent on my situation, experience, emotions, circumstance.  He is good ALL the time whether I feel it or not, whether I am happy or sad.  Oh God give me the strength to declare your goodness whatever.  Whatever I may be going through, highs or lows, good or bad times, joyful or grieving, soaring or struggling - oh God help me to sing of your goodness in the night..........

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