Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Rollercoaster

A couple of blogs ago I said about the stained glass masquerade, last blog was Louie Giglio in his ever-encouraging style. If there is one thing I have noticed since I started blogging was how either 'up or down' my blogs tend to be. There have been awesome encounters with God, followed by crashing lows. I am just wondering if anyone has worked out how to change the rollercoaster into something more like a train or a tram - a steady even route with no major dips or highs!??!?

I have sat here tonight pondering things - all sorts of things - how can I change this, how can I share this load, this heartache, how can I let the lid of this can without the contents spurting out, hurting others, myself and actually not being helpful.

I look at my circle of people I trust and it has grown smaller over years - and now I feel like sharing is just too risky - better to keep up the masquerade - but is that healthy or helpful? I just wonder.............

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