Thursday, 19 June 2008

Healing Stream

Tonight I was reminded of a song that someone sent me when I was going through a really dark time in my life. I was about 16 - 17 and living away from home and confused by life generally - without details it was a particularly dark, lonely, hard and frightening season. I had much correspondence at the time with an older chap - never met him and probably never will - lost contact a long time ago, a distant friend put me in touch with him and for a season this man was a real encouragement to me. He was a faithful man of prayer, a faithful writer of letters and I think God provided him for a season to come alongside in some dark days. I will never have the opportunity to thank him in this lifetime but I will in the next.
I am home alone this evening and was thinking through some things from recent days when a song came to mind and I remembered that this chap had sent me the tape and it arrived on a day back in 1992/1993 when my world was crashing in - the timing I will never forget!
It did make me smile tonight when I realised that we don't have a tape player downstairs in our home and I had to play the song afresh on a personal stereo (even that took some finding! Ha! Ha!)
Anyway these are the words to the song it is on a cassette called 'Healing Stream' by Lou Lewis:-

Are you hiding, buried away inside?
Frightened, thinking you just can't survive?
I know you, and the things that you're going through
And I just want to carry your pain
Carry it all away.

Are you hurting, all broken up inside?
Disappointed or discouraged for all of your dreams have died.
I love you and I know what you're going though
I love you and I'll carry your pain
Carry it all away.

I am the Healing Stream, come and bathe in Me.
I can wash you clean and set you free
For in my body there is the spirit and the blood.
Believe in Me, believe in ME, believe in Me, I am your God.
Let it go ..... Let it go ..... Let it go to Me.

It is no surprise that this whole cassette is laiden with precious gems for the hurting soul but I pray that whoever you are when you read the words of that song that you will know that the Healing Stream is there and there is a call to come to Him the Healing Stream Himself. I know I need it

- the Healing Stream would be so welcome!


lydia joy said...

Hi Nick,
I have been reading your blog on and off for awhile, I think I found you from a comment on Peter Day's blog.
Anyway, I am enjoying reading your thoughts...and can relate quite a bit to what you share. This post in particular was cool, I love how God's love and healing reminds us of flowing water - He is constantly cleansing us with His blood, it is never ending, it's like a waterfall of forgiveness, and cleansing and healing of broken hearts and bodies......we should all just get in the flow....and let it wash over us...!!! May God wash over you today, much grace and peace to you!!!

Nick Cameron said...

Lydia Joy - Thanks for your comment - I really love your reminder that it is a constant never ending flow! (I so needed to hear that) What an awesome God we have! I am new to this blogging lark and confess that I can't quite get my head round anything other than the minimal basics!
Peter Day is my pastor - he's a good chap!
I will have to check out your blog - be fab to see a blog of a woman chasing hard after God too!
Nick x

Patrick Fiset said...


Do you have "Healing Stream" by Lou Lewis?

If yes please share it online!


Nick Cameron said...

Hi Patrick - I have spent the last month trying to work out how to get a cassette recording on to an MP3 or something compatible with the blogging stuff but to no avail. I am going to see if a friend who has more experience with these things can help me - sorry for the delay - I am working on it!

Patrick Fiset said...

Hello Nick!

Quite late to see your message.
Nice! Did you found a way to get the mp3?


Ricsi said...

hello Nick. can you please send me or uplaod online Healing Stream album? I have her first album if you are interested :)

My mail is

Kammenos said...

Hello there Mr. Nick....
Accidentally bumped onto this post while I was searching for the
Healing Stream - Lou Lewis ...
I live in Greece and here we never see such albums in the stores.
I read above that you were attempting to transfer the cassette to mp3...
If you have managed to do it please send the tunes at my mail if you please.

Friendly regards