Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Give me something easy to do!

Last Friday I went to see my GP. He wasn't there so I saw the other doctor that covers for him. She is really nice, but speaks really really slowly! I hate seeing doctors or anything medical - I would rather just do anything I can than to see them but this has its good points as when I do see them they always know that something is really wrong! Ha! Ha!
Anyway the doc gave me some antibiotics and basically instructed me to rest for at least 5 days but that it could take longer. On telling me to rest up the thought that went through my head was 'Can't you give me something easy to do!' My husband will tell you that I don't often rest there is always something to do and if my hands aren't busy my brain usually is!

Today I was thinking though that rest is a biblical thing isn't it? I did a really basic search on Bible gateway and found that in the NIV the search comes up with 496 results in the NKJV the results are increased to 540. OK I know that this was kind of a crude search and some won't apply to rest in the manner that I am thinking but from God resting in Genesis 2, to Jesus resting in the boat on the sea of Galilee - perhaps this is something I need to learn to do..........

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