Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Potential for Transformation

Yesterday I collected a second hand cabinet I purchased off of a website.  The person selling it was getting rid of it.  I imagine they thought it was of no use and just old.  They just wanted to discard it.

But me - well I looked at it on the website and I saw potential. I saw alterations that could be made to transform it, I saw how useful it could be, I saw how good it could be, I loved it; I wanted it! So I spent the money and brought it investing in to a cabinet that I felt had potential to be a really nice feature in our home. There is an excitement rising as I think about the changes that I will make to it. I am looking forward to the process as well as the end result.

Today I walked past the cabinet.  It almost looked sad and tired.  It got me thinking about how God looks at people and sees past the present state of things, how they look etc......He sees the potential.  He sees the transformations that can be made, He sees how good someone can be with His Holy Spirit working in them, He loves the person already (prior to any changes!). He wants that person. Get this - He has excitement rising as He thinks about all that He has planned and will do in and through a person.

This then got me thinking about areas of my life that perhaps I feel are useless, just need discarding or can't be used, things that may seem hopeless .......... Today I learnt to start seeing the potential for transformation when God's Holy Spirit gets hold of an area. My encouragement to readers of this blog today is take a moment and just think that we have a God who not only sees the potential for transformation, is in the business of transformation, gets excited about transformation but He is the ultimate expert in transformation of people, situations, feelings, circumstances......whatever it is ..... trust Him for the transformation!


Rachel Morris said...

Love this! I've got a gorgeous old bureau-style desk that I bought from Oxfam & painted with Annie Sloane paint: ivory on the outside & a warm grey on the inside! I love it! I've often thought about writing a children's book telling it's story, starting life in the 1930's maybe as a wedding gift & following it's story until it's discarded in a sad & sorry state before being rescued by someone, & lovingly restored; given a new lease of life. The parallels in our Christian walk are striking. It would be such fun to illustrate such a book.... one of these days, huh?! Xxx

Nick Cameron said...

Do it Rachel.... be a great book!