Thursday, 4 June 2009

Oversized, superabounding grace.

Here's a great quote on how big grace is:-

"There is enough grace in God's heart of love to save and keep saved for time and eternity, every sinner that ever has or ever will live, and then enough left over to save a million more universes full of sinners, were there such, and then some more. There is enough grace available to give every saint constant victory over sin, and then some more. There is enough grace to meet and cope with all the sorrows, heartaches, difficulties, temptations, testings, and trials of human existence, and more added to that. God's salvation is an oversize salvation. It is shock-proof, stain proof, unbreakable, all-sufficient. It is equal to every emergency, for it flows from the heart of an infinite God freely bestowed and righteously given through the all-sufficient sacrifice of our Lord on the Cross. Salvation is all of grace. Trust God's grace. It is a superabounding grace." Quote Kenneth Wuest.


Zeb Cameron said...

Hey my brother's name is Nick but you are not him lol. Anyways my name is Zeb Cameron I love Jesus nice blogs on grace also check out my blogs

Nick Cameron said...

Nah you're not my blood brother BUT if you love Jesus then we are in the same family!
Good surname Zeb liking it!
Thanks for the link!