Monday, 11 August 2008

God's Protection

I am astounded by God's protection even when we are foolish! What do I mean!? On Thursday we put air in our tyres noticing that one was very low - but never thought to actually check the tyre. Friday we drove up north - we were on the road with a few stop offs at various places from 10am through to 5pm - was a long journey, Saturday we took a long drive with family from near York to Scarborough, at late on Saturday my brother-in-law mentioned that he was concerned about one of our tyres so Sunday morning we took it off the car to put the spare on. When we took the tyre from the car to our horror there was a massive hole on the inside - despite the concern on Thursday we didn't check the inside of the tyre and yet God looked after us - we could easily have had a nasty accident - God certainly watched over our comings and goings (Ps 121) over this weekend!

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